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Mount Constitution Sites, Inc. is the premier broadcast site company serving the Greater Puget Sound area. With locations in Whatcom and San Juan counties, our reach extends from Hope, B.C., Canada to Vancouver, WA, USA. Our facilites were built to support all types of broadcast and telecommunications equipment from simple 2-way repeaters to high-power FM and TV broadcast.


The Sites:

King Mountain

Bellingham, Whatcom County, WA

Mt. Constitution

Orcas Island, San Juan County, WA

Mt. Constitution

Orcas Island, WA

Mt. Constitution has the distinction of being the highest point in Western Washington between the Olympic and Cascade mountain ranges. There is no better place from which to achieve a quality line-of-sight signal. There are three distinct equipment housing areas on this site:

Site A

240V Backup Power Generator

Large-transmitter rack space

Separate modular building available

Site B

400' and 205' towers

240V Backup Power Generator

Three buildings for your equipment

Site C

Freestanding tower

480V Backup Power Generator

Large shared rack space

King Mountain

Bellingham, WA

King Mountain, located in Bellingham, WA is the highest point in the incorporated town of Bellingham and has two towers:

240V Backup Power Generator

Ample transmitter rack space


100' tower and 140' tower

Interior - Rackspace

Air conditioned

Contact Us


  901 Harris Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225

  +01 360 733 2865